Camp Like Adventures with Black Tie Kids

Crafting increases innovation in kids and nurtures their creativity. So when you hire Black Tie Kids to provide camp-like child care for your event, you are doing all kids of good for the parents and kids.


Mollie Yarsike founded Black Tie Kids in 2015. She has extensive experience with kids of all ages as she was a nanny for years. Mollie wants to share her enthusiasm and creativity to bring a fun camp-like experience for kids at weddings, networking events and other events where parents may need child care.

All of their staff are qualified babysitters who have worked at a wedding/event previously with Black Tie Kids.

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Black Tie Kids offers a camp-like experience to keep the little ones entertained during a wedding or event so that the adults get to adult!

They come with a few set examples of crafts, a paper plate rainbow, a dream catcher, popsicles, bug (all made out of crafting materials).  This helps spark inspiration for some of the campers, but they do encourage them to craft on their own and use their imagination.  They are always at the kids’ side to help with anything they may need.


Black Tie Kids will travel to your event throughout the Los Angeles area {if outside of Los Angeles, they charge for mileage}. The camp can be on site or at the hotel where the parents are staying, depending on what the client would like.

All they need to set up is a little space, table, and chairs.  If you do not have a separate room, no worries.


Parents or Party Planners can contact Black Tie Kids and make all the arrangements on how many kids, location and types of crafts.

Black Tie Kids will come to your event with all crafting supplies (everything you could imagine, besides paint unless requested), board games, card games, and kid appropriate movies if there is a TV and if it is approved by parents.  {Movies usually work best at a late wedding reception.}

Here are some ideas of the types of fun crafts the kids will make:



It’s so great to go to a wedding or networking event with your kids and there is someone there that will entertain your kids with crafts and play board games with them as you dance or mingle.

You can find the Black Tie Kids website, follow them on Instagram or like them on Facebook all right {here}.

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