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Born on Bowery, Inc. is a Manhattan-based boutique children’s label specializing in handmade accessories for babies, toddlers and the home they live in.

In 2013, Luba Libarikian launched Born on Bowery, after spending over a decade in the Advertising business in New York. Today, Born on Bowery sells it’s collection direct to consumers, as well as, through several retailers in New York City. Throughout the year, it participates in local fairs and craft markets, and has developed a loyal following not only in New York, but also, in the rest of the U.S. and abroad.

Each collection is inspired by beautiful colors and patterns, and is produced in limited-quantities. Everything is handmade in New York.

Born on Bowery strives to create products that delight children, inspire their imagination, and bring playful sophistication into their every day.

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