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My husband and I love throwing parties! We can get a little obsessed come birthday party time for our 3 daughters. We love getting creative and making things. We love seeing kids’ happy faces, having a great time.

So we thought a party business would be pretty cool. Party Junkies was the perfect name for us.

We started with the usual bounce houses, concessions and face painting… But we wanted something bigger and different for birthday parties. Then, out of the blue, this idea of converting a school bus into an art studio pops into my head. My husband didn’t seem so interested in the idea… and I really just didn’t make a big deal of it. But then a few months later, he buys a big old yellow school bus and he magically transforms it into this amazing Art Bus! I still pinch myself every now and then because, I mean, WOW… He’s awesome.

Now we have it rented out for parties!!! My husband drives it and helps with prep while my teenage daughter and I work the parties. We are still fairly new at this Art Bus stuff. It’s a lot of work. A lot. But so much fun!! When we see the kiddos get blown away that they get to paint an actual bus, enjoying art and seeing them so proud of their crafty creations, it just makes us super happy! We love what we do! And we hope you guys do too!

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