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WONDERLAND Indoor Playground

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3731 Foothill Blvd., Unit F, La Crescenta, CA 91214

Wonderland is an indoor playground that provides safe, positive, and entertaining environment for children to learn, role play, imagine, or just jump and hop around.

Toys and tools in our playground are carefully chosen to ignite children’s imagination, analytical thinking, creativity, and physical strength. We are committed to helping our children develop and advance the learning pyramid as they grow, unleash their imagination, and have fun playing team games and winning contests.

We are thankful to all parents and community members who have supported our mission and have been an inseparable part of the Wonderland community. We do hope to see our WonderTree grow high and wide. We look forward to having you in to explore and play together.

Wonderland hasn’t forgotten about parents and caregivers. While children are enjoying the playground, parents can easily keep an eye on them while socializing with peers, browsing or working on the internet through free Wi-Fi access and enjoying a fresh cup of complimentary coffee.Additionally, you can occupy yourself by checking out our parent resources section. There you’ll find many parenting books and magazines, as well as other resources to satisfy your hobbies of cooking, knitting, and much more.

Wonderland welcomes all outside food which can be ordered from one of the many excellent neighboring eateries (Sianto’s Bakery and Cafe, Shabu-shabu, Tutti-Frutti, Starbucks).

Kids Wonderland.jpg 8 years ago
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